And so things change

So, I started this blog as I was starting my job hunt.  I wish I could say, “And now that job hunt is done”, but it isn’t.  In fact, now it has begun in earnest.  The position that I had (where I was a Temp waiting to be hired permanently) is now gone — it was never funded, so really the position is gone.

I’m home today and my mission to find work has broadened and been pushed to 100%.  That doesn’t mean everything I will be doing will be job hunting, but that everything I’ll be doing will be in support of that.  Part of that is blogging here — because keeping myself focused and in good spirits is a large part of being successful at anything, and I really need to be successful.

I’ve started today, putting in some routine, and applying for jobs.  I’ve also done things to take care of my family: I’ve filed for unemployment, we’re discussing food stamps (my wife was also laid off a few weeks ago, so getting all this in order is necessary for us to survive. It’s a bit scary and daunting, which is pretty motivating as well.  It’s not just me, and it hasn’t been in a long long time.

The last time I was unemployed, it didn’t go super well. It was rough on my marriage, it was rough on me, and we had real problems.  I don’t want that to happen now, so I’m taking some of the lessons I learned then (and since) and applying them now in the hopes I’ll be doing better. And since it’s possible I’ll learn something interesting that can help other people, I’ll blog about it as well.

So, here I am.  I’m ready to work, and ready to go.

Let’s do this thing.