Here I Am

I’ve been online since before there was a web, but I’ve never written as me on the web before.  I come from a generation of alias users, shocked by the “younguns” who give their real names on Facebook, and we’re pretty cagy about our privacy.

And yet, I’m a technology person, and I have daily struggles and triumphs with it, which I’d like to write about and share.  I’m also starting a job search — even if I get hired in my current temp position, that’s part of the search.  That’s stressful and uncertain, and it’s hard to get across in 800 characters exactly what it is I want to do and what I’m good at.

I’m not naive enough to think people will read this and learn it, but I’ve found that writing honestly about something is a good way to figure it out for yourself.

So, I’m Bill Farrar.  I live in Columbus, OH, and I’ve worked in technology for 19 years.  I’ve been online for over 20. This is my home, and I’ve got things to say.